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11 Jul

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over Internet Protocol, or more commonly known as Voice over internet protocol, is a service that has taken the corporate world by storm because of it have so many benefits. If you have Voice over internet protocol in your company’s communication system will reduce the cost of your calls and allow you to make calls, unlike our traditional phone lines charge cost a lot more. In the recent past a lot of the companies were hesitant in opting for Voice over internet protocol as back then internet was slow thus calls lacked quality. But in these past few years internet speed have increased, that giving us the opportunity to avail Voice over internet protocol at its best. Not only this, now we even have a lot of Voice over internet protocol service provides making the Voice over internet protocol market extremely competitive which only results in every service provider trying to improve their service constantly which in turn benefits a Voice over internet protocol user. A lot of businesses and companies have started choosing for Voice over internet protocol, and they are too much satisfied.

To understand better why Voice over internet protocol is beneficial for you and your company, let’s look into how it is different from the traditional phone and why it is better. Our traditional phone lines are a network of copper wires connected to each other or in the case of wireless phone, connected to each other through satellites. In wired phones, our call quality is limited to the load the wire can sustain at peak hours’ calls are of bad quality and drop a lot and in case of our wireless phones, we are limited by the satellite position and how much traffic it can stand.

Now in the case of Voice over internet protocol, when we dial a number our Voice over internet protocol services provider shifts our call through the internet and to our recipient. With fast internet speeds and huge bandwidths increasing day by day, there is no limit to the quality of our calls and furthermore our calls are cheaper as they go through internet rather than wires or satellites. Moreover, you can plug in your Voice over internet protocol phone to any source of internet from anywhere as your service provider is always online and available.

There are some more advantages, Voice over internet protocol works through the internet which is also connected to your computer, you can now auto-reply to calls with the help of computer software. You can even select the same number for your voice and fax calls. Not only this you can also add voice and text messages to your email. In addition, Voice over internet protocol allows you to record calls and integrate your calls and store them in Microsoft Outlook which can be great way to monitor your company communication. VoIP Termination Providers can make customer relations much easier as Voice over internet protocol systems can be set on auto-attend, giving you the option to receive calls and respond according to the needs of the customer.